How I Save On My Grocery Bill

I’m always looking to find ways where I can earn and save. One of the major expenses I found was my grocery bill. Last year, I took some time to analyze my grocery bill to figure out where all my cash was going . I was able to find ways to cut my grocery bill down from $80 to $100  per week to $25 to $30 per week to feed a family of three. Believe it or not, it has works perfectly each month when I implement the technique consistently. Here are a few pointers I want to share that have helped me…

  • I use my favorite grocery app Ibotta. I don’t get to use it all the time because sometimes I do forget, but when I do I’m able to put cash back into my pocket.
  • I buy items that I can use in similar dishes.. Ex. If I want pasta alfredo, I’ll buy a whole chicken and use it      in  dishes like alfredo, chicken salad, and maybe just chicken with veggies. 
  • I try my best to stay on the outside isles of the store because I find I spend more when I go down each isle.
  • I’ll buy juice and drinks, but for the most part I’ll drink water, make lemonades, and drink tea. 
  • I  create my meal plan for the week and grocery list at the time time. That way I buy what I need and stay away from those things I want. It also helps me to wipe out my pantry and fridge with items I hadn’t used.

Implementing these techniques consistently really does help on the pockets.  There are some who will argue it’s more expensive to eat healthy or at home, but in some cases it really is cheaper depending on how you shop.

I’m all for fruit and veggies. If you are not a fruit and veggie person or you don’t like to cook. You may have to find other alternatives for your grocery list.

Pssss. I didn’t like to cook either, but when I started this journey I found I had a passion for cooking. I found the adventure in cooking dishes I enjoy.

If you are  aren’t using Ibotta to earn cash back, you are really missing out. Just this morning I earned $.50 for using the app by cashing in my Kroger receipt. 

Ibotta is a simple app you can download on your phone. You can earn by shopping different products within your grocery list. If you redeem the item, you scan your receipt and it’s cash in your account. Once you reach $20, you are able to cash out. 

So mom let me ask, how are you cutting your grocery bill? 

Please comment and share your ideas below.  

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